Friday, February 22, 2008


I have been asked to write on my blog why we are QF (Quiver Full) and what that means to us.

We are quiver full for two reasons:

I believe that our Creator and Father knows more than we do. He knows the end from the beginning and therefor who better to give this area too? Life is His "forte", He created it and I trust Him to do all things good!

The second reason is completely a selfish one.....I am addicted to babies!!!! I know that Heaven will smell like roses and newborn babies sweet heads....I just know it!

Quite honestly our story is not that cut and dry. Many things have happened as we have walked down this path. There are many details that really aren't important. What needs to be said is that Our Lord has blessed us, covered our fears, hurts, mistakes. He has given us more than all the treasures in the world, seven wonderful children and we pray that He will bless us with many more!

One of my greatest heros was my great great grandmother. I posted on MOMYS her legacy and what her willingness to give her life for His will means to me. I'll share it with you now.

""I thought I would share my great great grandmothers maternal history. She is one of my favorite people although I never met her. Her name was Cornelia Sullivan. She had 20 children that began with her first born Noah Frank when she was 16. For those of you who like to look at numbers and facts I'll go into detail below.

First child at age 16 in 1906, Noah

16mo later she had Joe

15mo later she had William

15mo later she had Manie Emily

16mo later she had Lewis

16mo later she had Millie

18mo later she had Fannie Mable my "Mamie"

13mo later she had Mattie

21mo later she had Bonnie

15mo later she had Gracie

15mo later she had a still born baby girl

15mo later she had Jack

16mo later she had a set of "twins" that did not survive

10mo later she had "twins" Ruby and Ruth

23mo later she had Mary Etta

19mo later she had Murline

35mo later she had "twins" Elaine and Duane

Her last two were born at the age of 42 and she had no more after that. She lived to be 61 when she her husband and Elaine one of her last twins was killed in a tornado in 1950 that ripped through Caster LA and killed quite a few people, many being my family. Anyway I thought some might like to see the numbers of one QF family. Although that term meant nothing back then. LOL If she would have stopped at 3,4,5 or even that huge number 6 (grin) I wouldn't be here today, neither would my 7 precious children!!

Thank you Cornelia, Love your great great granddaughter Audrey""

The interesting thing to me is that those folks that think that I should not allow The Lord to take hold of this area, don't realize that they would not be here today.....if it hadn't been for a QF family two generations back.

I want to also say that my heart goes out to those precious families I know who's hearts so long for another little one. Know that you are on my heart often and that many a prayer has been lifted on your behalf!


rcsnickers said...

that is awesome! curious if you know, out of the 17 surviving children how many grandchildren and great grandchildren did she have?

thanks for sharing the story. Too bad you don't have a photo of them or her! That would be a treasure!

Amity said...

Wow....thanks for sharing :-) I would love to have so many more children..I too am addicted to babies...I long for a large family. Hubby has said "No more kids"..this breaks my heart..I pray that the Lord softens his hard towards more children and that I can also be content with however many I do have...please keep us in your prayers :-)

Jennifer F. said...

Thank you for sharing that touching story. I just discovered your site via the QF blogroll and will definitely be back!

Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing! I too would love to have many more children - we currently have 5, with one awaiting us in heaven. My husband says "He is done." I just pray that if it's not God's will for us to have more children, that He would take away this desire of mine, or that He would soften my dh's heart.

Oh that there were such an heart in them, that they would fear me, and keep all my commandments always, that it might be well with them, and with their children for ever! Duet 5:29