Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Visual and Auditory Processing

We attended a neurodevelopmental meeting a few weeks back, in order to get some tips on teaching Jordan. It was very interesting and we learned ALOT, to much to mention it all. I did want to share one of the things that we took away from the conference. Visual and Auditory processing; obviously is a huge part of learning. Did you know that there is a way to know where you stand in these areas and then improve them? All with just a few minutes a day of FUN!

I'll start with Visual:

For children who recognize numbers; write on 10- 3x5 cards four random numbers all in a line such as 4 8 2 0 mix up the digits to create 10 unique cards. Make 10 more with five digits then six then seven....you go higher if/when you find that your child’s processing and retention of the numbers is going up, but to start unless you have a bunch of geniuses ;-) seven digits will be good.

Testing is a unique process and is only administered one time for each child/adult in the family. The purpose of the testing is to ascertain each individual’s current visual processing ability (visual short term memory). Ideally the child’s proficiency level should match their age up to age 7. A visual processing level of 7 (numerical digits) is the minimum functional level of all individuals who are 7 years and older. One level up from the proficiency level is the therapeutic level.

Sit your child down and tell them that you will be showing them a card that will have numbers on it, you want them to look at the card (that you hold up for only 3 seconds and turn away, timing is very important) then when you turn it away they are to tell you what numbers they saw. They must get it on the first try or it doesn’t count as correct. If you have shown your child 5 four digit cards and they make no mistake in telling them back to you, move up to 5 digits and continue going up until they stumble, then that is where you begin the daily practice, as soon as they are able to process and tell back that amount of digits move up again. This is also great for us adults as well.

It was interesting to watch my children do so well on a certain number of digits then when one more was added their brains just couldn’t process that many. But as we all know the brain is a magnificent creation and can be retrained and connections can be re-made.

If you have younger children you can still work with that child using a line of pictures. You might have to get creative and print them out in black and white on the computer. They should be pictures about the same size and of individual things. Example: a card might have, in a straight line across a car, hat, doll, blocks. If the child can look at the pictures and call them back to you with no problems add an extra image to the line.

Auditory is very similar except you SAY the numbers without them seeing the cards. It is very important that you say them in a monotone voice with a small pause in between each number like this"1....7....4....8" where the dots are there needs to be enough time for you to say one thousand (to yourself of course).

With both of these techniques you never tell them they are wrong when they get it wrong...just move to the next one. You of course can tell them that they are doing well. You need to not create any hesitation in them, which can happen if a child is afraid of getting it wrong.

Keep it short and sweet. Of course the testing part may take around 10 minutes, but the daily drills should be no longer than 2 minutes a time, 2-4 (or more) times a day.

Another interesting discovery was that visual is alot easier for my children/as well as me, than auditory. Give it a try and build your child’s visual and auditory processing skills, and have some fun while you are doing it!


motherofmany said...

Thanks for the info. I am a visual learner as well. I always felt guilty for it like it meant I was lazy!

homesklr@coolaccess.net said...

You can also go to www.brainbuilder.com to do an online test and order a cd for practice. Who spoke at the conference you attended?

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