Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Head Scarf Q&A

I had a few questions about my head scarf regarding how I tie it that way and were I got it.

I actually make my own from material in the $1.00 rack at Wal-Mart. I buy cotton stretch material and then cut it in a large triangle. You do not have to stitch the edges of t-shirt type material so its a cut and go process ;-)

One of my favorite sites to browse all the lovely head coverings is here. If you would rather buy than make one this or this is the one you would want, they will tie exactly like the one I am wearing. The second is a bit larger and will give you a more full bun.

How to tie it? You place the triangle on your head like below.

Tie along the bottom Then pull up to the top and tie and continue like this until you are at the end of your ties, then tuck whatever is left into the bun somewhere. Its that simple. Your next!!

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Stephanie said...

Browsing through blogs in the wee morning hours here and I saw this and just HAD to try it. So, I went and got some old dark purple fabric from my stash and cut it to size and it looks great! I've seen this style of headcoverings before and never thought it would look good on me...I guess I was wrong :-)

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