Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sugar&Spice and Sillies

Everythings better with a bow, or two!


I made these this weekend, FUN FUN FUN!

They are my new "Butterfly Bow" line.

I dont have them up yet but I will in a few days

Silly Pickles?

Yes, I have those too! They arent for sale though, I get to keep them all to myself!

They told me they were being rich people! LOL

All rich people have eye glasses and curly mustaches, you know?


Michelle B. said...

Love the bows so darling...and the silly rich people with eye glasses and mustaches.

Amity said...

I love your bows and your silly pickles too :-) WE have a few silly pickles around here too..they definately keep things FUN!!!

rcsnickers said...

Eve looks beautiful with those bows... so adorable! I do believe her hair is longer than my 3yo girl's hair!

Silly pickles... too funny.

Robyn said...

I just ordered 5 more sets of the ensy tensy bows.

Here's your free commercial: These are the best bows in the world, and they stay in all day, even through hurricanes and wrestling matches. I love them! LOL.

Wish you were selling the silly pickles, too, though. DH feels so outnumbered here with our houseful of girls, he would love a few of those silly pickles around here to balance things out. :-)

Mandy Mom said...

I almost expect one of them to say, "Chip-chip-cherrio!"

And I love those bows!!

readmama said...

Beautiful bows! Wish I could keep such things in my little girls' hair! The older girls do like *trying* though.... ;-)

I love your blog -- so pretty and peaceful and interesting. I just started my own blog this week, and it has very few "extras" yet as I really have no idead what I'm doing, but I' nothing if not persistent, so we shall see what happens.... ;-)

Thanks for your comment at my place -- you are the first!

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....and 1 precious son (and 3 surprises) waiting for us in heaven....

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