Monday, August 21, 2006

First day on schedule???

Nope that would not be today. Lets face it a schedule needs to be a means of direction for the day. Not a rigourous time dictator shouting orders at you. We did well this morning, I am taking extra time right now to train the kids in things that I feel they need to work on, like after brushing your teeth...wipe off the sink. Little things that can easily get bypassed when you have so much more to think about. But those small things are important just as well.

I have our "direction" on the wall. It looks like this

I can move the colored tabs around as needed because we all know that schedules change quite often. This really does help me to stay some what on track and those small things that I want to get done have a time slot. That on some days we do get to!

This is our reason for not being on track today

Miss Eve was feeling under the weather and was so cuddly I couldnt resist. We laid on the couch and snuggled for a long time. Much more important than any to do list!
This was her first fever, she's 15 months, and was drooling quite a bit so I'm guessing she is teething some molars. Poor thing.

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rcsnickers said...

thanks -- I really needed to see an example time slot chore/schooling list! I need tomake us one!

Understand, we got off to a slow start today too. The "aww school" hit at 9am!!!


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