Monday, August 21, 2006

History Lesson

We came across a very cool history lesson yesterday! We were told when we bought our house by the local inspector that many years earlier he had spoken with a service man of some sort(cant remember) who had done some work under our house that there may be a well under there so to be careful. We have been under the house many times but never came across a large hole of any kind. Well, yesterday Rob found it. It was covered by a large piece of tin that in turn was covered up by a bunch of dirt and leaves. Rob pulled the tin back and found this:

Rob and Jordan working hard under the house (this is also close to where the well was found)

So why would there be a well under our house? Well the best we can determine is that the well was dug before they actually built the house. There are many under ground streams that run under and through Greenville. Then they built the house on top of the well and had a trap door of some type so that they could pull water from the well directly into the house. After the plumbing was put in probably 50 years later they filled the well up with dirt to the point that you see above. Its neat though isn't it. I love that you can still see the bricks along the side.

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