Monday, November 27, 2006

A bit of this and some of that

It has been a nice, long weekend. Lots of food was involved and I am stuffed. Yesterday I turned 31, I guess its not so bad! By the grace of God I made it through the first 18 years of my life and the last 13 years have been such a blessing! I have a wonderful husband a housefull of awesome children and we all have our health and a bit of sanity. Its a great life!

I sewed my first sleeved dress this weekend. This week I will attempt to sew this dress. The long sleeved one. I just love dresses like that. I am also going to sew some bloomers. I had a great time at Joanns on Friday. Browsing all the fabrics and patterns, it is so much fun. I have to really push myself through the learning curve though, as I can get discouraged that things are not turning out as perfect as I want them to.

Here is my sewing corner in the spare craft room, hopefully some day soon this will be a fully functioning sewing/craft room. As you can see we havent done anything to this room yet. It still has the unfinished wood floors and the 60 year old wallpaper. Ughh!

My birthday present is on the left of the table ;-) and the dress is hanging on the wall.

Super Grover was attacked last night by the 4 legged beast that roams the house in the late hours of the night searching for lonely stuffed animals and de-stuffing them. His insides are laying next to him. Devon said he's in the emergency room awaiting surgery. LOL

Here's Hog Dog enjoying the beautiful 80 degree weather and Devons freshly raked pile of leaves. He's such a sweet dog! And to clear his name he is not the de-stuffer of all things stuffed.

Household tip:

One last thing before I forget. I bought some OUT Pet Stain and odor remover from the pet section of the grocery store. It is supposed to be good for fabrics and such to get the "dog" smell out, naturally.

When this morning as I was cleaning the bathroom it struck me, its great on urine smells. So I sprayed it around and on the toilet as well as the floor and surrounding walls, let it set for about two minutes and wiped it clean. It works great! For those homes with little boys who sometimes just seem to miss the potty, this is a great solution.


rcsnickers said...

YAY! for the new sewing machine! I love all the material on the bolts. The dress looks good! I actually think sleeves are easier than the sewing on the bodice... but that is my inexperience opinion.

Is it called Out? We use KIDS -N- PETS Instant All-Purpose Stain and Oder Remover... no pets in the house but works great for the urine smell. Something about boys having a strong smell in the bedroom and bathroom! I will have to check Out to see which is priced better since they both work!


Audrey said...

I have not seen the Kids and Pets one, is it in the cleaning section? It is probably the same thing. It uses bacterial enzymes to remove the stains and odors. It says it even removes blood.

See you are way ahead of me...I'm a bit slow with these things ;-) It takes me a good few years of being tired of smelling pee around the toilets for my brain to kick in. LOL

The sleeves realy werent as big a deal as I thought they would be. My strong point though is jumper bodices, I guess because you just sew the bodice to the lining, pull it right side out and all the seams are encased inside, so no overcasting or anything. You cant do that with sleeves so you end up having exposed seams, I'm trying to find a way to remedy that, but it hasnt come to me yet.

GINA said...


Tiany said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!

The dress you are going to sew is beautiful!!! I might have to order one and save it, it is so pretty! I love it!

michelle said...

Well, I finally got around to coming over and checking out your blog. I will have to look for the Pets one since I know all about boys having 5 also. I love the pattern for the dress you are making next. I hope to get back to sewing. I use to sew alot when I was younger, clothes for me. I tried to make an outfit for my second son to wear for his baptism (nothing fancy but boyish) I had so much trouble it still sits in my sewing stuff undone. I plan on tackling pjs for all the boys this year and maybe Katie. I want to start sewing things for my daughter. I would like this next baby to be a girl too that would be so much fun to be able to make similar dresses for them to wear. But will be happy whatever God blesses us with.

Oh that there were such an heart in them, that they would fear me, and keep all my commandments always, that it might be well with them, and with their children for ever! Duet 5:29