Friday, November 03, 2006

Tools for school

Someone asked that I tell about our school bins, so I thought I would do a quick post on the tools we use to make things a bit more organized.

These bins have made life SOOO much easier, they have been the best investment so far in my arsenal of organizational purchases!

I purchased them at Lakeshore Learning Materials . They are built to last and come with plastic file folders that have also revolutionized school around here. As the boys were young I always pulled everything out for them in the morning and told them what they needed to get done that day, as they have gotten older this was becoming time consuming and I wanted a way for them to be more "in charge" of their work. So now we have this:

Every Sunday I get all there work together and print out there lesson plan sheet for the week and stick it all in their ToDo folder. They are in charge of pulling it out of their bin by 9:00am and getting started. Then when the work is completed it goes into the completed file and is put back in their bin. On Sunday while I'm preparring for school I empty out their completed file and place it in their three ring binder:

Some other benefits of the bins is that it is all there for them, no more searching through the school shelf to find so and so's math workbook, while trying to keep the other books from toppling over ;-)

They each have their own color which I will need to improvise on as other children are added to the mix!

One other thing I will throw in there (not school related) but at Lakeshore Learning they have a wonderful bathroom product for those of us with many children! Check it out HERE They also have one for 12 children. I LOVE this! Its a bit pricy but their products are made to last! Not to mention all the other things they have that "I" would love to have!

Alright back to sewing my drapes for the living and dinning rooms.

Have a BLESSED day!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing, you have a knack for organization. Perhaps you can share more with us in the future.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for answering the questions in my mind. New to homeschooling is hard becauseI want all these organizational ideas NOW! I am definately going to check out that website.

another question: do you use unit studies, aces (i think) or what curriculum?

thank you thank you,

Tiany1 said...

Wow, very neat I love your system , sounds like something I would like to do in the future!

Your little princess is getting so big too!

rcsnickers said...

Revisiting your school ideas. Okay, does the whole school year of work fit in that size binder? I had bought 2 inch binders for the boys to put their school work in and it was not looking like the whole year would fit. With only the subjects Bible, phonics, math. How do you get it all to fit? Do you write in workbooks or print out the pages to use that workbook with the younger child a following year. Just a few things I am coming across now and know you have some insight on it. Send me a link if you have already answered this info.


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