Friday, November 17, 2006

Some exciting possibilities!!

I have found a wonderful midwife in my area, who will be as hands off as I want her to be, but still be there to support us through the delivery of our baby. I went to see her last night for an "lets check you out visit"

Everything looks great! She measured my belly, which measured 32 weeks (um wait a minute I should be right at 28 weeks) but, no big deal really, a mom who has had as many kids as I have can begin to measure larger.

So then we listen to that wonderful, glorious heartbeat....that says I'm OK in here! We find a heart beat on the far right side of my tummy where the body of the baby seems to be. We listen and all is great. Then she jokingly says "so when are you going to have twins and moves the heart beat monitor over to the far left of my stomach and there was another heartbeat. I laughed and said you are probably just hearing it through the other side of my stomach, although this one was much clearer. She moves it back to the other side where we heard the first heart and we listen then quickly move it back to the other side...gasp....they have different rhythms, they sound like two different heart beats. Could it be TWINS?!?

So, I am not getting my hopes up but I told her I would go ahead and get a sonogram so that we can be prepared in case there are two little angels in there. She said she will still assist us but would like to bring in a second midwife to assist if infact we are having twins.

So today I will call the sono place and make an appointment. We will soon know what we are in store for. YES, twins scares would be fun, but I am good at one, not sure if I would be good at two. ;-)

I'll keep you posted!

Edited later: I have the sonogram scheduled for Nov 25th, the day before my birthday LOL
That would be a great b-day present!


rcsnickers said...

You mean we have to wait in suspense and be patient until NEXT SATURDAY??? No appointment possible for an earlier date? OHHHHH I am going to go crazy! I am very excited for you! I know, twins sound fun but sound hard as well. At least you have the older boys who could kinda, sorta, maybe help!?! Thankful to hear all is well though!

Do you have twins in either family?


tiany said...

Goodness how exciting!!!!!!!!! What a blessing it would be to have two little ones growing in there hu? Do you feel any different, more movements?? I can’t wait till the 25th, I will be checking in so please let us know when you get a chance!!! So glad to hear you found a midwife too, another wonderful blessing! :-) You are so brave and faithful, I wish I were so brave, maybe I just really need to better educate myself on the subject. I would love to have a homebirth but I am scared. Im scared to go to the hospital too, from all the horror stories I have heard. I wish this little one would just come super fast and safe and come here at home before I can even make it to the hospital. LOL

Oh that there were such an heart in them, that they would fear me, and keep all my commandments always, that it might be well with them, and with their children for ever! Duet 5:29