Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Does this only happen to me?

So far there have been two times in the past 6 months that while walking through the parking lot of the grocery store, I and my children have almost been plowed over by someone backing out of their spot and not looking behind them.

It happened around 6 months ago, I had a basket with the two little ones in it, and the rest of the kids walk very close around me....yet an elderly woman put it in gear and started to backout before I even could yell at the children to get out of the way. Luckily a lady that was walking behind me started screaming as loud as she could (I think she was petrified at what she was about to see) and the lady driving the car heard her. She came within 5 inches of the basket I was pushing.

I have always been very vigilant at watching tail lights in parking lots as well as listening for cars starting or already running. Yet it happened again today. I was once again pushing a cart with the children all in their places, this lady puts the car in gear and begins to back out, I yell to the kids to move grab Seth by the shirt because he's my straggler and try and pull him while pushing the cart and babies out of the way. I guess I yelled for her to stop or maybe she heard me shout at the kids to move. But she slams on her brakes and opens her door, I was still walking fast to try and get out of the way, so I just say to her "watch what you are doing." She proceeds to get out of the car like she is about to come after me and then yells at me that she saw me and that I walked right in front of her. Ya, last time I checked pedestrians had the right of way in a parking lot, and if she saw me then why did she continue backing out. Anyway, I think it just scared her and she was shooting off at the mouth.

Does anyone else have this problem? Perhaps I need a bull horn to blow as I am walking through the parking lot "COMING THROUGH!!!"

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rcsnickers said...

Has not happened to us personally yet, but I was walking in the store one day with one child on each hand and a little one in the pouch. A lady in front of us was the one who almost got plowed over! She had stopped right behind a car to say something to her husband who was behind me and I noticed the car starting to back out and run over her. I tried so hard to say something but the words were not coming out. I was just in shock. I wanted to run up and push her out from behind the car but did not want to leave my little ones stranded behind me. She finally realized what I was trying to yell to her and got out of the way and the lady did not pull any farther out. It was a very scary few seconds of what could of happened!

I kinda like the horn idea! Glad you are all okay!


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