Thursday, November 30, 2006

Rob stayed home yesterday so that he could reskirt the bottom of the house before the winter storm rolled in. We had ripped all the old off during the summer so that we could level the house. He completed one side and now we have the other side to finish. Then it will get painted and look great!

The weather was 80 again yesterday and will be 27 as the high today. BRRRRR!!

I finished the bloomers yesterday. They were rather big on Eve, she is so tiny. So after these pictures I took them back to the machine and took them in and up another 2 inches. I like the longer size though especially for winter.


rcsnickers said...

oh I love the bloomers!!! Just curious, because I don't actually know.. did girls wear bloomers to play and not show anything? or was it to cover their legs for warmth? Just curious because I have been wondering what my little girl should wear to cover when playing in a dress. They look great!

Drink lots of hot chocolate tomorrow to keep warm with that cold temp!


Audrey said...

Hot chocolate...sounds like a wonderful idea. I am in the library where the computer is and it is probably 45 degrees on this side of the house. Needless to say we are staying on the warm side of the house!

I believe bloomers where mostly worn for modesty as they wore them whether it was summer or winter (they also may have taken the place of undies)They are made of pretty light material so I wouldnt expect them to be to terribly warm. BUT, they also keep those legs covered, so it cant hurt. Eve usually wares thick tights under her dresses for warmth.

rcsnickers said...

Thanks for the lesson on the history of bloomers!

Let me know when you have some bloomers for a 2-3 year old to sell! I definately want to get Rachel some. I know my SIL will want some for her girl as well.

45 degrees? Oh Daniel would love that side of the house! He loves the cold weather.


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