Tuesday, May 15, 2007

It was a nice weekend. We, and when I say we, I mean Rob accomplished so much around the house. Mainly outside. We (Rob) finished laying the brick for the back porch, and many other outside jobs that needed to be done. We also received an almost new Bowflex that we set up and played with. I really like it. It takes up an entire room, but looks like it will be easy to use.

The weather has been beautiful here, so we are spending much time outside. Rob took the oldest boys fishing on Saturday and they all caught fish. Fun, Fun, Fun! I remember how much fun I had as a child going fishing with my dad. Don't tell anyone, but I love to take Devon to the pond so that I can toss a few lines in myself ;-)

I love seeing the pictures of folks whose blogs I read. It is great to put a face with a name (and life) Isn't it funny how we can read the daily goings on of someone and get to know them very well, yet not know what they look like. There's one or two pictures of me somewhere in the archives. Here is one from this morning, my son was playing around with my digital camera.

I would love to put it in the profile section of my blog, but apparently I am no longer aloud to change anything on my page in the layout section. Links are outdated, and others I would love to add, but beta blogger isn't letting me. Yes, if I knew anything about HTML I could fix it myself, but I don't. So I am either going to have to move my blog or get BlueBird Blogs to create me a knew one. I really wish it would just fix itself, so that I would not have to do either. Or I guess I could get an HTML book and learn how to get it done myself. Sigh!

Edited Later: Yep I figured out how to get my picture on my sidebar, and The Father is so good, because what I wanted to happen happened. My blog problem just fixed itself...YAY!


Elise said...

Oh, lovely! You are lovely! It looks like you figured out how to put it up as your profile pic, so I shall refrain from giving advice... :)

rcsnickers said...

I have been meaning to put a clearer picture of me in my profile as well. Of course, my picture is far from as beautiful as yours! How long is your hair?

Glad you got your blog template layout figured out.

Happy Belated Mother's Day! Do you eat the fish you catch?


rcsnickers said...

oh duh...I forgot to ask. how in the world did you get a used Bowflex? Daniel REALLY wants one but yikes who can afford it! Glad you got one, let me know how it works for ya.


Audrey said...

A guy at Robs work wanted it out of his garage and sold it to Rob for $100.00. God is so sweet, He knows those little things that would make us happy and provides them. ;-))

Audrey said...

oh, and my hair is about mid back. It grows like wild fire when I am pregnant.

Oh that there were such an heart in them, that they would fear me, and keep all my commandments always, that it might be well with them, and with their children for ever! Duet 5:29