Monday, May 07, 2007

Oh where for art thou customer service?

It has been an ever increasing thorn in my side to go places and get such poor customer service. Do you remember the days of old when the customer was always right, no matter the cause. If it meant a loss to the establishment, they took it. After all it is our money we are spending right?

Perhaps we are so dependant on those establishments that we have to put up with the lack therein?

Today I went to the post office to simply drop off a package that was already stamped and ready to go. I sent my oldest in to stand in line and hand the package to the attendant to be mailed. My son comes out about 5 minute later with package in hand saying that he was told there was not enough postage. So I take the package in myself and stand in line, hand the box to the post office employee and say "My son was told there was not enough postage on this?....I weighed it at home and checked postage online and was given this amount due" He weighs it looks at the box and starts to try and count the 6, 39 cent stamps. Finally he pulls out his "chart" which I guess tells him how much 6, 39 cent stamps amounts to. Then says "oh, well I guess there is enough"
Grrrr, I say inside my head and quickly walk out to my waiting children.

This experience has left me thirsty so I decide to treat myself to a drink at Sonic. I tell the glowing sign that I want the Hot Fudge Shake (what, this doesn't technically count as a drink? Its in a cup!) We wait and out comes my shake, but its missing the whip cream and crumpled up oreos on top? Gasp! "Hello, big glowing sign....this seems to be missing the goodies on top!" Oh the sign says, we will correct the problem and send out another shake. Sigh, finally someone standing behind my dh hard earned $2.36....................................

..........................................................10 minutes later I drive away in disgust having been forgotten about, with a shake that has been measured and found wanting.

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rcsnickers said...

oh my I am sorry and what a bummer! Nothing worse then stopping for a special treat and missing out on the the best part! Did you call their customer service number? I bet you would find a nice reward in the mail after that!


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