Thursday, May 24, 2007


Let me set the scene for you: Its 9:15pm the kids are finally in bed and I am off to clean the kitchen. I here my hubby begin to workout on the bowflex...think to self "darn its Wednesday...workout day, but I have laundry to put away, a kitchen to clean"

Solution...multitask! My husband would do one round of reps, then call me in to do mine. I would be in the kitchen washing dishes for a minute the run back in to the other room to do my reps, run back into the kitchen...wash more back to do to wipe down back to do reps. I was exhausted by the time we were done. But I was able to clean my kitchen and dinning room and work out all at the same time!

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runningtothecross said...

I love it!!! I need a bowflex, but my hubby won't let me get room!!!

I am a multitasker, but ususally I am doing about 5 things at one time!!! LOL!!! Life with a big never stops (as you know very well!!!).

I'm off to do more multitasking!

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