Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mary's Bracelets

Margie and Mike Fortune, the Zander’s friends, are having some bracelets made for Mary’s cause. See the picture at right from the Photo Gallery. The bracelets are the silicon type made famous by Lance Armstrong’s “Live Strong” campaign. They are Mary’s favorite color – purple! On one side are the words “Pray for Mary” and on the other side, “ – MaryZander”. She is asking for a $2 donation per bracelet.

Shipping costs are additional as follows:

1-5 bracelets – add $2 shipping
6-10 bracelets – add $4 shipping
11-15 bracelets – add $6 shipping,

Churches, schools, offices, or other groups are encouraged to consolidate their order -- designate someone in your group to handle the orders and receive the bracelets. You should be able to save a little on shipping charges that way. If you have a really big order, contact Margie for an individual shipping quote. I made up a flyer that can be posted in your church, place of business, etc. Contact me at or Margie at and we'll email you the pdf file. The bracelets should be ready in 2-3 weeks. Contact Margie Fortune at or call 410-692-9343. All orders should include your name, address, phone number and email (if available), the number of bracelets, and payment including shipping. A great way to remind you to pray for Mary throughout the day. Order extras to give away!

I have been following Mary sense she got sick about 6 months ago. It looked very much (in my eyes) that Mary was not going to make it. Yet we continued to pray for her daily. My children pray for her and have drawn her get well cards. She is doing better now, but she still can not breath on her own and will need a lung transplant. She is so beautiful, and sweet. You can read more on You will need to create a user name and password, her page name is maryzander. If you can help them in buying some bracelets or if your prayer group or church family would like to get involved, that would be wonderful. Please add Mary to your prayers and her family as well.

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