Friday, May 04, 2007

Update on Mary Zander

For those of you who have been praying for Mary Zander here is an update. Just to fill in those who may not know about her illness. Mary has lung disease and has been in a comma for the last 3 months. Praise the Lord she is out of it as you will read below. The Lord has preserved her in so many ways. She went into cardiac arrest not long ago. It took them 20 minutes to revive her, not only did she pull through, but there was no brain damage from being gone for twenty minutes. That's a miracle!

Update below:


Mary is officially on the transplant list!! They have all the forms and orders in place for all procedures, so if an organ becomes available, everything and everybody should be immediately ready to go. Mary has been wide awake and alert the past two days, staying awake for hours on end. She is doing fine with being awake, and tolerating all her daily procedures, even suctioning. Her vent setting is still at 40, with oxygen saturation between 95-98, but her peaks are down to 21. This is a very big improvement, and as low as they have been since she’s been on the vent. Heidi was very excited this morning. Mary had reached out for a ball and grabbed, then smiled and threw the ball at Heidi! It didn’t go very far, landing on the bed, but it was a deliberate movement with eye contact. She did that several times. Then Heidi gave her a little stuffed lamb, and she threw that. When Heidi retrieved it and gave it to her again, she took both hands and squeezed it hard, trying to get it to “baa,” as she remembered from before she was in the coma. She also grabbed the string of a balloon that was floating in the room, and handed the string to Heidi. She is making a lot of purposeful and accurate movements. Grandma Meador called and was telling Mary a story over the phone. Mary had the phone lying beside her ear, but was holding onto the phone so she could hear. This morning, she started to try to sit up! Heidi elevated the head of the bed so Mary could be in a more upright position to watch a video with Cynthia. Pray that Mary will remain stable, and that she can continue to interact with her family. Pray for the family whose child will give Mary new lungs - for comfort in their grief, peace in their distress, and above all, salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ.


rcsnickers said...

Such bittersweet! What a tough time for this child and family. Lord willing she will get the transplant and Lord willing the other family will be believers!

What state are they in?

thanks for the update.


Maxine said...

I was unable to find out more by clicking on her name; not sure that I knew where to go. But thank you for updating about this. I wanted to tell you how lovely your blog is. I had you on my favorites and was not sure why. Now I just figured out it was because of Elise's little girl's jumper! Hope you feel better soon. I love your daughter's name (Ava). We have a little friend by that name. Just stopping by!

Oh that there were such an heart in them, that they would fear me, and keep all my commandments always, that it might be well with them, and with their children for ever! Duet 5:29