Saturday, May 26, 2007

I have a button!

What kind of button you ask? A belly button...well yes. A shirt button...yep, that to. A mute button for my children...haha, nope its the one that took me weeks to figure out how to make. After many painstaking (yes, I'm slow with this whole html thing) hours I have created a store button for Sewing the Seams of Love! I wish the lettering was bigger, but it will work for now! So here it is!

If you add this button to your website or blog I will do two things. Enter you into a contest that I will be having soon. It will not be clothing, as I know some of you have boys, but something fun for anyone to enjoy! Secondly I will give you free shipping...forever!
If you want the code email me at because I have not figured out yet how to put the html text here without it becoming the picture. ;-) If anyone knows how I might do that please let me know!

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