Monday, April 10, 2006

Oh POO, how I hate thee

Well in case the chuckle from this poo story has worn off, I thought I would give you a new hardy...haha!

We will go where this story begins.....2 weeks ago, our sewer clean out line clogged up and my ever inventfull husband decided to put the water hose down it and flush it we can come back to the present where I am trying to water the back yard. I concluded that using one water hose would not allow me to get to the very back of the yard so I hook up the second water hose (the one mentioned above). Well for some reason after hooking it up and turning on the water, the sprinkler was not spraying...hmmm, scratching my worked a minute ago?!?

So I turn the water off and go to unscrew the sprinkler to closer examine it. Now have you ever unscrewed a sprinkler while it was still pressured up with water....and it sprayed you all over? Great, now add 2 week old poo to that spray and you have me standing in the back yard covered in crap.

The neighbors got a good laugh...hope you did to! I just hope that this week brings less poop my way! And while Im at it may your week be filled with all things not poopy!

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