Thursday, January 18, 2007

10 Days To Go

The boys and I finished the entire second floor yesterday! I am so glad that we did, because I am feeling very crampy and soar this morning. Hmmm...could this be the beginning? I am shooting for the weekend, so that I know Rob will make it home in time.

I have a midwifes appointment today, but dont feel like going. One of the things that I hated about "traditional" dr/hospital births was the general feeling of going through the pointless motions. The last two visits with the MW have been about 15 minutes long...that included p**ing in a cup, measurement, heartbeat, and blood pressure check. I can do all of these myself right here at home without having to drive 30 minutes away. Did I mention it hasn't been above freezing in about 4 days and is very icy out. Which will likely be my reason for not going. Plus the last visit took a turn that I didn't anticipate, and was not happy with. Apparently she has a new apprentice (theres a school near here so new graduates are always looking for hands on hours) well I dont like last minute changes, especially in this area. I feel like it went from her knowing that I prefer a very laid back, intimate, no frills birth (and really would rather it be just my hubby and I) to now I'm a school specimen. Not real happy about it...can you tell? LOL

OK, so on to our countdown. I honestly feel like doing nothing today but cuddling up on the couch with my fluffy pillow and a warm blanky and a couple of kiddos. But I still have the main floor to complete. The one room I really want to tackle before Ava gets here is the library/school room/office. Which with all those titles gets pretty cluttered sometimes. So that is my focus today. With the help of the older boys this may not take to terribly long. The kitchen, dinning rm, living rm and laundry rm are cleaned daily so those are not to concerning to me. I would like to tidy the sewing room and entry way and the downstairs bathroom could use a good bleaching. So we'll just see how I am doing after the Library is complete...maybe I'll have some spare energy somewhere.

Yes, Letisha we are staying warm, Praise The Lord! The additional stove that we bought earlier in the season has been wonderful. It has barely felt cool in here even with temps in the 20's at night. What a huge improvement from being able to see your breath in 60 percent of the house, to now being comfy no matter where you are. It has been such a blessing!!!!

God is Good!!!!!


michelle said...

I have had many apprentices attend or almost attend several of my births and prenatals, but our midwife always asked if it would be okay with me if the apprentice was to follow my case. If not comfortable with it I could say so and they would not have come. Can you tell your midwife that you would prefer that the apprentice not be present for the birth? Of course it has never bothered me and in fact it has been some of the apprentices that have been invaluable to me at times. In my last birth one of the apprentices was also a doula and I don't know what I would have done without her she was wonderful during birth.

Audrey said...
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Audrey said...

I guess I just hate being the last one to be told things.
I guess the thing that rubbed me wrong was that this last visit not only did I meet the apprentice for the first time, my regular midwife was on the phone for half of the visit, so not only did I not know this woman but she was doing all my vitals and asking me weird questions, and I'm thinking who are you. It just wasnt very profesional. Basically just like in the hospital or Dr's office, you just see who ever walks in the door.

I know I'm probably making a big deal out of nothing, but I'm 39 weeks pregnant and thats my excuse LOL!

Oh that there were such an heart in them, that they would fear me, and keep all my commandments always, that it might be well with them, and with their children for ever! Duet 5:29