Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What a long night

I guess I have been spoiled with the last two, at least. I went into labor and that was that, I would have a baby a few hours or minutes later. This one has been really challenging. I started having contractions again yesterday evening around 8pm very strong, make ya want to throw up, or run for the hills contractions, and I have been having them all night and into today. They are productive, I can physically feel that they are moving her down, but they are not consistent. Between 2-6 every hour.

Its most frustrating because my hubby works almost 2 hours away, so I don't know if I should summon him home, or if they are going to putter out again. I am getting tired and every time I have a "big" contraction I seem to loose a bit of confidence. Uggh!

My midwife came over last night for my checkup and all is well. I am finally measuring 40weeks and the head is down and ready. I still haven't gained any weight in about 6 weeks, but my body seems to top out at a certain weight and wont go any higher. My iron levels are fantastic, which has always been a huge problem for me. So that is great!

I guess I am just tired and not liking this "new" labor style. I liked having a few really good contractions and saying yep this is it, lets get ready. I feel like I will be in labor for ever, or worse yet she will come with in minutes like Elijah did and I will be here alone with the kids.

I just need to stop worrying and realize that The Lord knows what He is doing and all will be fine. Thank you all for your prayers! Its amazing how special people can be to you when you have never even laid your eyes on them ;-)


michelle said...

These are what my labors are always like. I will have consistant contracts that will just stop. So much so that by the time I am in labor I don't want to call the midwife because I don't want her to come for nothing when I'm not in labor. Finally that is when my husband will say I think this really it lets call her. I so understand what you are feeling. I will keep you in my prayers and hopefully this baby will be making an appearance soon and with everyone there that needs to be.

Anonymous said...

My best advice to you is to RELAX. Maybe you are relaxed, but stress can really interrupt the labor process. With my fourth baby, my labor was very erratic and not very productive. I was using doctors at that time and I was 10 days overdue, they wanted me to deliver that day, so they gave me pitocin. That was awful & very painful. (I know that I would have delivered in my own time and wish I would have but I was pressured by the doctors to deliver.)

My sixth baby was my first homebirth. I baked cookies and just relaxed with my children and hoped that I wouldn't deliver until my husband arrived home (he was 2 hrs away as well). My water broke in the middle of mixing the cookies and my husband was still not home. Thankfully I was not ready to deliver. God had it all planned out and it was PERFECT! He also has everything PERFECTLY planned out for you! God is faithful.

Just keep preparing if you are able, keep busy & take lots of breaks. Keep yourself hydrated & drink your tea. Walking stairs may help, too. When you rest, lay on your left side, that makes the contractions more effective.

I will keep on praying for you!
Have a blessed day!


rcsnickers said...

Most of my labors have all been the same pattern as well. My 3rd was the gush of water at 4am, one hour of contractions and baby born! I too was spoiled with that birth. I have been wondering about the next birth when it happens and will it stop and start like you. How would I feel and handle it? How would I know if it was real. I know you are getting tired of this on/off contractions and Longing to hold your new little girl!

Hey, maybe I should take a day off from your blog and you will have your baby! Only saying that because I cleaned everyday in nesting for my babies and labor always started on the day the house was the worst! so I always joked about not cleaning/nesting so I could go into labor.

Also new for me, I was re reading Kim C.'s live birth blog and I felt her contractions as I read them. It was weird.

May God give you wisdom to know when to have Rob stay home, or return home; may God grace you with the strength to handle the contractions; may God bless you with a joyful birth; may God protect you and Ava if the midwife does not make it!


Oh that there were such an heart in them, that they would fear me, and keep all my commandments always, that it might be well with them, and with their children for ever! Duet 5:29