Thursday, January 04, 2007

Catching Up

Yesterday was much better than the previous days of the week. I was able to do quite a bit of laundry and pick up the house a bit. I still felt horrible, but just pushed through it. The princess was a little more cooperative although still extremely fussy, shes much more needy when she doesnt feel good.

Today I am going to finish the laundry and put it all away. I need to finish painting the laundry room, but I think I will put that off until this weekend. I need to get started on the school work scheduling. That will be tomorrow, I think. I am going to take it easy today if at all possible, because I feel as though I am on the tail end of this cold.

I pulled the bassinet out the other day and this is what I found in it a few minutes after it was in my room LOL Silly Girl!

Have a great Day!

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rcsnickers said...

Eve looks so big compared to what Ava will look like! How cute! Glad you are feeling better and able to get some stuff accomplished. Warning: Be careful on painting, it is known to put women in labor. hee hee


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