Friday, January 19, 2007

9 Days To Go!

I post poned my MW appointment yesterday so that I could go in the evening after Rob arrived home, that way I wouldnt have to get the kids out in the aweful weather. It was a pleasent visit this time. Like two good friends chating in her bedroom, thats just the way I like it. I'm weird I suppose.

I hadnt gained any weight in two weeks and then this past week I lost 3 pounds. I also am measuring a week less than last week. Thats a first for me. I am usually a week over in my measurements, but I am now 3 weeks behind, measuring only 35 weeks, with a measurement of 36 last week. Its not a concern, just funny how you can have a hand full of pregnancies and they can all be so different. She sounds great, my BP's fine. I think this head cold that I have had for 3 weeks is wareing on my appetite. I have to make myself eat 3 meals a day.

As far as cleaning goes I got half of the library done yesterday and maintained the rest of the house. I took a 2 hour nap while Eve and Elijah napped, that was really needed. I just felt worn out. My older boys are such a blessing to me, I cant imagine not having them here to help out. While I nap they watch the younger ones and play with them and keep the house in order. They are such awesome kids!

I watched my nine year old yesterday with his sister, it was so neat. Without me asking and it wasnt even time for lunch yet, he put her in her highchair, put her bib around her neck and brought her a snack and a drink. Then waited patiently for her to finish. When she was done he wiped off her face and hands and got her down. The whole time just talking so sweet to her. I just sat there watching and smiling. Then it occured to me how important it is for our older children to care for the younger ones. It creates so much in them, compassion, love, understanding, patience and the list goes on. Of course there will always be that last child, but I truly think it is such a gift to give our children younger siblings. I do think the fact that she is a girl, makes them extra attentive to her as well and that is so cute to me.

We are going Sat. to the farm to pick up our yearly order of wheat berries (about 400lbs) as well as pick up some free range, grass fed beff and lamb. I was really excited about getting my order in, but apparently my wheat grinder is not as enthusiastic about it. Yesterday I was grinding wheat for bread and it started to make these very sad, struggling sounds. Just what one needs 400lbs of wheat berries and a broken wheat grinder. I wasnt really wanting to buy a new one anytime soon. I'm am seriously thinking about getting a manual one and letting the kids grind it.

Well time to get moving.


rcsnickers said...

Older brothers and little sisters, there is nothing as sweet as that relationship.

How did your appointment go? Do you make all your bread? Care to share you recipe? How many loaves do you make at a time, and how long does it last? I would love to make bread to use daily, but my recipies only make one loaf. Could not imagnie doing it eeryday. Does it really save money to make your own bread? Sorry lots of questions for someone due really soon and busy with preparations so answer when you get the chance.


Audrey said...

I do make "most" of our own bread, there is always that time that something has come up and I didnt have time.

It does save money. I only buy 100% whole wheat when I do buy ity at the store, which is about 2.15 a loaf, I can make it for .50 a loaf at home and it is soooomuch tastier and better for you.

I make 2 loaves at a time, in the kitchen aid. I do have a recipe that will make 6 loaves by hand or in the Bosch...which I dont have but would love. (by the way my awesome hubby fixed the wheat grinder so I am back in business!!

I will put up my recipe for ya Monday. I wanted to share a few others as well.

rcsnickers said...

I hear everyone raves about the Bosch, I need to look it up! Glad you got your grinder working. Yay for helpful hard working husbands!


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