Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Getting Things Done!

Rob and I finished the laundry room this past weekend. All except the tile on the floors, still need to get that down. It is such a huge blessing to have it completed. I love clean, freshly painted, crisp walls. Here are the before and after pictures.

As you can see the sheet rock was missing in places along the ceiling due to some water damage that had occured before we bought the house. There was also a half wall, between the entrance and the washing machine. Rob and the boys tore that out and replaced everything with new sheetrock. Rob textured it and put up new trim and base and hung a new light. I love it!! I have such an awesome, hard working husband. So here are the after pictures.

That is one thing off my list. I am going to run today and get a double hanging laundry basket so that the boys can sort the laundry every morning and it will be ready to just throw in the washer. I still need to clean out our storage closet that holds ALL our seasonal, extra clothing totes. There are literally at least 10 totes in there and much more. I rummaged through the top totes and found the infant boy clothes, but no luck on the infant girl clothes. I'm sure they are at the bottom. So we will do that this Sunday and get it cleaned out.

School has officially started this year. The boys are doing well. We are focusing simply on reading and writing this first two weeks, to get them back in the swing of things. Then will incorporate all the other things.

I didnt get much sleep last night as our two dogs woke me at least 5 times. I finally was left alone at about 3:00am when I threw them outside. The Mastiff, wakes up in the middle of the night and tries to steal loaves of bread. He is succesful most of the time, we werent sure how he was managing the 5 ft scale up the counter to get it, but I watched him last night. It is no problem for him at all. I did finally put all the bread on top of the frig, which he apparently had trouble reaching last night. So its safe for now. But I am tired!

Well I'm off, everyone have a blessed day!


rcsnickers said...

blogger wouldn't let me post yesterday and then lost my post... bummer!

You are such an inspiration!!! Glad you have this project completed. What a joy it must be to walk into your new clean organized laundry room. Make laundry chore a joy, right?

I so need to organize and repaint my laundry. The counter top is full of junk and no free space!

Yes, you do have a handy husband, I must say!


LYNN said...

I am loving your blog! My dh and I have quite a few remodeling projects to finish around here (lack of funds is preventing us to finish), so I love looking at other's progress. WTG!! Btw, I have a blog too, http://houseworkandheaven.blogspot.com/

rcsnickers said...

Questions: what color paint did you use?

Did Rob compound the sheetrock and hang it? Compounding is hard work. I compounded the wall in a hallway and you can tell I am an amateur.


Audrey said...

Hey Letisha, Yes he tape, bed and textured it. I think he blew the texture on with the hopper. Most of the time he will do it manually but I like the look that the hopper gives it. Just messier to clean up.

I have textured many walls too and can say that I would rather wash 20 sink loads of dishes instead. LOL...its not very fun!

I cant find my Sherwin Williams color reel right now, I think its in my car. I will have to look and find the name of the color I used.

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